Question 1. Will any of your performance products void my Mazda3 warrantee?

Answer : No it will not. The only time this can happen is if the system was installed improperly and caused damage to the vehicle. We actually sell a lot of our performance products to Mazda dealerships. If a service technician denies your warranty claim based on the fact that the car has been modified and the failure was not a direct result of the installation and use of an SRM product please refer him to the SEMA web site for a review of the Magnusson Moss warranty act. Go to:

Question 2. Will the GT-2 Power Package allow my Mazda3 to pass tail pipe emission testing?

Answer : Yes. Our products are emission legal for most states / counties.

Question 3. Will I have to cut, drill, weld or modify my Mazda3 in order to make any of the SR Motorsports products fit?

Answer : No. None of our products require any cutting or drilling. We offer only bolt-on performance products for your car.

Question 4. I have heard that the Mazda3 has a lot of "Check Engine Light" (CEL) issues when it is modified?

Answer : The Mazda3 has a very sensitive ECU which notifies the driver by illuminating a CEL ( check engine light) when it thinks that there is something different. This is a harmless function which will usually self correct after driving the car for a while. This can be caused from a different / new air filter to running without some of your emission equiptment. All of our SR Motorsports products when installed properly will not cause a CEL on your Mazda3.

Question 5. Why doesn't SR Motorsports carry some of the cheaper products for my Mazda3 that I have seen at other shops?

Answer : We produce, design and manufacture all of our own SR Motorsports products here in the USA. We offer the highest quality products for your Mazda3 at the lowest prices possible. We do not offer cheap lower quality Taiwan built products at SR Motorsports.

Question 6. I have had problems from other shops / vendors when I had a problem with their product. What kind of customer support can I expect if I purchase products form SR Motorsports ?

Answer : We have a full staff of very knowledgeable technicians for any questions or problems, that work 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday. We have an 8000 foot shop that offers a full race car fabrication facility with chassis dynamometer.


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