Mazda RX-8 Performance Ignition Parts

As seen in our Project Mazda RX-8


RX-8 Spark Plug Set

We offer these factory Mazda spark plugs for your 2004-2010 RX-8. All trailing and leading plugs.

Part Number RX8-11121

List $219


RX-8 Performance Ignition Wires

We offer these 9mm silicone performance ignition wires to give your engine some great looks and improved performance. Installed in minutes with simple hand tools. Fits 2004-2010 RX-8. . All needed hardware included.

Part Number RX8-11122

List $229



RX-8 Ignition Coils

We offer these factory performance Mazda ignition coil set for your 2004-2010 RX-8. These are a very comman problem with the RX-8.This kit replaces all of your 4 coils and comes with all needed parts.

Part Number RX8-11124

List $399

$329/all 4



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