MazdaSpeed 93-95 RX-7


Product Description


Super GTC Wing

This is the same wing that is used on our race car. It stabilizes it to speeds of 160+mph. It is fully adjustable to change downforce.Very high quality unit.



Only 1 left !

Discontinued !


Part Number DR-11599MZSD

Mazdaspeed Short Throw Shifter
This is the best short shifter made. Finally back after popular demand.

We stock models for 93-95 RX-7 and also

1990-2004 Mazda Miata 5&6 speed

and 86-91 Mazda RX-7


SALE $399

Only 1

at this price!

Part Number DR-11541MZSD


Mazdaspeed Limited Slip Unit
This limited slip for theis one of the best after market units. FD 93-95 RX-7







Part Number DR-11543MZSD

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