KKK Single Turbo Stage 2

544 HP

Dyno Power Results

Our project 94' RX-7 was put on the Dynojet. We installed a race ported fully built 13B REW engine and removed all of the factory emissions then
installed a custom built fuel system with our Ultimate fuel pump , fuel pressure regulator, larger fuel injectors along with our underdrive power pulley set, 304 stainless steel catback exhaust system, midpipe with silencer and tuned A'PEXi Power FC.

To hold all of this abuse, we opted for one of our

ACT Xtreme clutch / 9.5 # flywheel sets.

At 19+ PSI boost it produced 544 Horsepower with 447 ft. pounds of torque on gas.

Update 9-26-01


Thanks to all of the people who where interested in this dyno sheet we put up last week.

We have been inundated with numerious e-mails and phone calls regarding this and we thought that we could respond to all of the questions by listing all of the specifics that have been to the project 94'. This is the car that may be destined to the " Street Class " DOT tire catagory.

Project 94' HP Specs

(added to all of the things listed above )

13B race ported fully built StageV Engine

All smog removed / filled & welded holes

KKK Single Stage II Turbo Kit

Flowed equal cfm intake manifold system

75mm intercooler mandrel tubing

Air / water intercooler

Custom water injection system

High output ignition system

C-16 gasoline

Tested at 19-19.6 psi at 60 degree ambient air temp

Dynojet test done in 4th gear ( 1 to 1 )

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