Mule Underdrive Power Pulleys

As seen in Turbo, Sport Compact Car and Modified magazine

Stock pulleys weigh 8.2 lbs.....

Our SR power pulleys only weigh 2.1 lbs !

Dyno sheet with our NEW Underdrive Power Pulleys on it.





Mule Complete Pulley Set

Because of their 15% reduced diameter and 400% lighter weight, energy normally used to turn the heavy stock pulley is now used to turn your drive wheels! Usual power gains from 8-11 horsepower. In addition, the high performance lightweight 6061 billet aluminum Underdrive Power Pulleys are a perfect choice for road racing ,drag racing and autocross due the reduction of water pump cavitation. Horsepower gains vary widely depending on what has been done to the vehicle.

Available in Red, Black, Silver or Blue.


Part Number Mule-14167




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Complete Kit



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