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93-95 RX-7 Turbos and Wastegates

We will custom build you a turbo for YOUR exact application. We have the experience to do it right the first time. Please see the bottom of the page for wastegates.

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This kit is designed and custom built by SR Motorsports for the street driven or track 93-95 RX-7. Can make 600+ HP. Boost responce by 3500 rpm. Complete bolt-on kit. No cutting or welding required. Comes complete with a brand new SRM water cooled turbo, custom high flow mandrel bent polished stainless steel tubing exhaust manifold, Tial 50mm racing wastegate, polished stainless steel 304 downpipe, all aircraft quality AN fittings and oil lines, block off plates, vacuum tubing, water lines, intake system complete instructions and heat shields and all needed hardware. Makes 600HP+.

Click here for 662+ HP Dyno dyno sheet

***No cutting or welding of your intake manifold

like with the T-78 or T- 88 kits. Our kits just bolt right on ***




Part Number TR-11205

Stage V Monster Single Turbo

800+ Horsepower Reg. $2159 only one $1299

Part Number TR-11377

New High Performance RX-7 Turbos
Brand new upgraded Mazda RX7 turbos for your 93-95 FD Mazda RX-7. High performance turbos. 100% bolt on unit. Increase of 15-20 HP because of huge air flow increase of these twin turbos. No core needed.
Used on our project RX-7.



SALE Thru Friday

Part Number TR-11211

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High Power Custom Turbo
Brand new turbo capable of 650+HP This is the turbo used in our HP-3 Kit. Fits in a T04 fully divided style location. We custom build these turbos for the highest of reliability and horsepower!

From $1,550

Part Number TR-11213

New Twin Turbos 93-95 RX-7
Brand new turbos for your 93-95 FD Mazda RX-7. Mazda OEM factory units. No core needed.



Part Number TR-11207

Exhaust Manifolds


Product Description


1987-1991 RX-7 Turbo II Exhaust Manifold
T04 cast iron non-divided exhaust manifold for a T04 Garrett turbo charger on a 87-91 13B Turbo II.

$459 Part Number TR-11216

1993-1995 RX-7 Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold
Fully divided tangential cast iron exhaust manifold for a T04 type Garrett turbo charger into a 93-95 RX-7 13B Turbo engine.

$799 Part Number TR-11217

93-95 RX-7 Stainless 321 manifolds
Call for custom applications available.

From $799
Part Number TR-11219

Tial Wastegates


Product Description


Tial 38mm Wastegate

38mm $349 $259 SALE

Thru Friday

Part Number


Tial 40mm Wastegate

40mm $449 $399 SALE

Thru Friday

Part Number TR-11223

Tial 44mm V-Band Wastegate

44mm $489 $429 SALE

Thru Friday

Part Number


Tial 46mm Wastegate

46mm $549 $499 SALE

Thru Friday

Part Number


Tial Wastegate Flanges


Part Number TR-11227


Racing Blow Off Valve

Very high performance type BOV. Can handle up to 50+ PSI of boost. Available in polished billet aluminum. Steel or aluminum weld on flange available.


$249 SALE

Part Number TR-11229

Tial Blow Off Valve

Available in Grey, blue, red .Steel or aluminum weld on flange available.


$279 SALE

Part Number TR-11231

  Blow Off Valve Flanges


Part Number TR-11233


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